Young Life History - Making an Impact


In 1939, a Gainesville, Texas, pastor invited Jim Rayburn, a young Presbyterian youth leader and seminary student, to begin building relationships with the local high school kids who had no interest in church. 

Rayburn started a weekly club for kids. There was singing, a skit or two and a simple message about Jesus Christ. Club attendance increased dramatically when they started meeting in the homes of the young people.

Today Young Life continues to press toward the goal of reaching two million kids a year through our Reaching a World of Kids initiative. To do this, we’re looking to mobilize more than 80,000 volunteers and establish 8,000 ministry locations. We’re uniquely positioned and prepared to respond to this opportunity by doing what we do best for more kids in more places. We’ll do this through sustaining and starting ministries, leveraging the power of our volunteers and expanding our camping programs.

Young Life's mission remains the same — to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. This happens when caring adults build genuine friendships and earn the right to be heard with their young friends. For more than seven decades, God has blessed the Young Life staff, increasing its numbers from five to more than 3,500 — from one club in Texas to clubs in nearly every corner of the world.​​

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